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The Backcountry Fly Fishing Association (BFA). is a fly fishing club dedicated to the conservation of our aquatic resources, we ask that members support Catch and Release practices, follow State Fisheries Laws & Regulations, and have a high regard for other fishermen, wildlife, and the environment. BFA is an affiliated Federation of Fly Fishers FFF) member club. Membership in the F.F.F. is optional & additional.

Membership Benefits

  • Life-long fly fishing friendships
  • BFA Newsletter – we deliver a bi-monthly newsletter to your email inbox to keep you informed of club activities and other events going on in the Central Florida area
  • Monthly Meetings - Speakers, presentations, fly tying demos and much more!
  • Fly Fishing Outings
  • Fly Tying
  • Casting Clinics
  • Community Service and Conservation
  • Members are accepted into BFA “members only” Facebook group page
  • Members must be 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian

We encourage all members to share their ideas with the club.

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I, the undersigned, hereby apply for membership or renewal in the Backcountry Flyfishing Association Club of Central Florida. I understand the inherent risk in participating in the activities of the BFA, including fishing trips of one day or longer. I further understand that I am solely responsible for all the costs of medical treatment and transportation. I, release, indemnify, and hold harmless, the BFA, its officers, directors and members against any and all claims for personal injury, disease, death and property damage or loss that may arise out of, or be connected in any way with, any BFA activity. I assume the risk of undertaking all BFA activities, including related to travel.

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Common Queries and Questions

1. How much is a membership?
The BFA annual membership costs $30 per year. Becoming a member comes with many benefits and opens the door to fly fishing wisdom.
2. May my family member or friend attend BFA events?
We'd love for you to bring a family member or friend. If there is a fee associated with a club event, we ask that you pay for your guest. We also encourage your guest to become a member if they'd like to regularly attend club events.
3. What are the meetings about?
On the second Thursday of the month we hold club meetings which are open to anyone interested in the local fly fishing community. The meetings open with club announcements and either a speaker provides a presentation or we tie flies, learn new knots, and trade fly fishing knowledge and stories.
4. What if I'm knew to fly fishing?
We welcome new fly fishers to the club and look forward to sharing fly knowledge. Joining the club is a sure-fire way to learn about casting, fly fishing, fly tying and more.
5. Where does the club meet for meetings?
Lately we have been meeting at Orlando Outfitters which is located at: 2814 Corrine Drive, Orlando, FL 32803. Meeting location and time is on our website and included in our newsletter.
6. What if I don't know how to tie a fly?
Don't know how to tie a worries. If you'd like to learn the club hosts fly tying demos and there is always a member who would be happy to teach you how to tie a fish catching pattern.